Thermalkurhaus Bad Gastein

Even ancient Rome knew about the healing virtue of thermal springs!
At the Bad Gastein the spa and therapy centre, all classic spa treatments are administered by excellently trained therapists.

Gasteiner Heilstollen

The climate at the Gastein healing gallery is unique in the world. A gallery train takes our guests 2.5 kilometres (1.5 miles) into the core of the mountain, where they experience the positive effects of the pleasant temperature of the air, its high humidity, and an increased Radon content. Visiting the healing gallery in Gastein is an effective spa treatment. It also serves as a naturally working remedy against rheumatism.

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Gasteiner Bergbahnen

Click here and you will find all kinds of details about the Gasteinertal (i.e. Gastein valley), such as maps, accommodation, the weather forecast, package deals, impressions of the Gasteintal and much, much more . . .

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The Gastein valley offers beauty and attractions to all the guests throughout the year.

Bad Gastein